Saturday, August 2, 2008

My kinds of girls

On a side note anyone can now comment on the blog.

Besides being great looking, i love the fact she is willing to hold/kiss a lobster. I hate it when girls are afraid of 'gross' things. The other day i was out side of a Tim Hortons with a girl who screamed and made a pretty big scene when some bug flew by us. The same bug flew by us again like 5 minutes later, the same result followed

Bacon.... that should say it all. But it also goes back to gross slimy raw meat that shes not afraid to so throughly touch.

Any girl who can drink a beer that big is alright by me. I went to Germany a couple of years ago, its incredible how many of those huge mugs the waitresses can hold at a time


Iver Olsen said...

I love mugs :-)

TOPolk said...

Further proof that bacon makes anything better -- even tits.

Anonymous said...

LOL Topolk! Hahahhaah!!!

I like the lobster kissing chick the most. Wow that's sexy.

The Drunken Webmaster said...

One of my favorite photos of all time!

dickster1961 said...

Last picture reminds me of a Rodney Carrington song, titties and beer, thank God I ain't queer, there's one thing daddy likes and that's titties and beer

by the way, did anyone get to fry that bacon up and eat it?